Pubis Aesthetics

Pubis Aesthetics; ‘Venus Aesthetics’

The procedure, which is also known as pubis aesthetics, or Venus hill aesthetics, which has recently taken its place in genital aesthetic applications, is an aesthetic operation preferred especially by women. It includes the deformities and thickness processes of the region between the under-abdominal and external genital lips, called the mons pubis.

The fact that the mons pubis region is higher than normal, irregular, thick and bulky causes serious psychological disorders, discomfort and lack of self-confidence in women. The rough and ugly appearance of that area causes women not to wear the trousers or tights they want, and this causes serious social problems for these women. It causes uneasiness and unhappiness in the patient.

Where is the Pubis Area? Where is Venus Hill?

The Mons Pubis region is the region in the lower abdomen that extends from both groins to the clitoris. This place is triangular in shape and the excess subcutaneous adipose tissue forms a rounded protrusion. This protrusion is called ‘Venus hill’ and the aesthetic procedures of this region are also known as ‘Venus hill aesthetics’. The hill of Venus is one of the sexually erotic areas in women.

Pubis hill is also known as ‘Bikini area’ or ‘Venus hill’ among the people.

Their medical name is ‘Mons Pubis’ and is referred as ‘Pubis Bump’ or ‘Pubis Hill’.

Why is Pubis Aesthetics Performed? Venus Hill Operations

Deformities in the pubis area, abnormal appearance, protruding appearance on trousers or tights, lack of self-confidence in women, and not participating in social activities also cause serious discomfort. In many women, self-confidence manifests as sexual inadequacy and shame, as well as inability to enjoy sexual intercourse and sexual reluctance.

When people with abnormal pubis appearance wear tights, bikinis or trousers, the pubis becomes very visible from the outside, and this disturbs women.

The size of the pubis area can cause significant aesthetic concerns, especially in young girls, negatively affecting psychology, sexual life and social life. This seriously impairs the patient’s quality of life.

Why is the Pubis Area Bigger and Larger in Some?

The 2 basic tissues that make up the Mons Pubis are fat and hairy skin. Both seem to change over time. Adipose tissue increases with puberty and weight gain, and decreases during menopause. In those who lose weight after gaining weight quickly, the accumulation of fat continues in this region. Because the fat of this area is not easy to lose. At the same time, with the development of bariatric surgery in recent years, mons pubis aesthetics has been following an increasing trend. Even in thin women, this area may be thicker and larger than normal for structural reasons. For this reason, pubis aesthetics is preferred in these people.

How is Pubis Aesthetics Performed?

The best method in pubis aesthetics is simple surgical applications. Generally, in cases where the pubis area is extremely fatty and thick, it may be possible to remove the fat with a surgical incision similar to the incision made for cesarean section. However, the most preferred method today is non-surgical methods such as liposuction and laser lipolysis.

Pubis aesthetic operations, also known as puboplasty, are usually performed by removing fat from this area with liposuction. Thus, that area can be reduced to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What Causes Flat Pubis?

Usually in some young women the absence of the hill of Venus is called a flat pubis and is structural. However, a flat pubis may also occur as a result of sudden changes in body fat distribution as a result of excessive weight loss or aging. When it occurs due to weight loss and aging, skin excess and sagging can be seen as well as volume loss in the pubic region.

How Can Flat Pubis Be Treated?

In patients with a flat pubis, this area needs to be filled to create a ‘venus hill’. Depending on the patient’s preference, temporary ready-to-fill injections can be made, or it is possible to achieve the desired result with permanent fat transfer.

Are There Risks of Puboplasty Operation?

When the correct operation technique is applied, there are no obvious complications, except for the risks that are valid for every surgery, such as bleeding and infection. It does not have any negative effects on pleasure, orgasm, pregnancy, fertility and sexual intercourse. A few days after the operation, it is possible to return to normal social and business life.

Non-Surgical Methods for Pubis Reduction

Today, there are alternative methods such as eximia, carboxytherapy, vaser, mesotherapy lipolysis (fat melting needles) for the reduction of the pubis hill.

Reducing the pubis hump (Mons pubis) with non-surgical methods requires a little more patience. It requires an average of 8-10 sessions of application and covers a period of 2 months. Most of the time, with ‘Combined Treatments’ in which several procedures are performed together, success can be achieved in a shorter time and thus it is possible to get significant results.

What Are Puboplasty Operation Fees for Pubic Hill?

Fees and operating costs for pubis aesthetics (puboplasty), vary from person to person, depending on the type, width and type of anesthesia to be performed. In order to determine the price of pubis aesthetics, a preliminary examination is essential.

Patients who wish can be taken into the operation immediately after a simple evaluation and detailed information, they can come to the clinic on an empty stomach in the morning.

Combined Surgeries in the Same Session with Pubis Aesthetics

In the same session as pubis aesthetics (puboplasty, crown of venus aesthetics), other genital aesthetic surgeries such as inner lip aesthetics, laser lightening, big lip aesthetics, vagina tightening operations can be performed.