O-Shot Vaccine

O-Shot Vaccine (Orgasm Vaccine)

This procedure is a very effective method for patient groups determined in daily practice. It is a very successful method especially for women who apply for genital aesthetics and have orgasm problems. Here, the clitoris and its surroundings are also injected with a special method of PRP (Rich Plasma) prepared from the patient’s own blood in the region of the G spot. With the effect of many growth factors in PRP, it facilitates sexual stimulation and orgasm by increasing blood supply and sensitivity in the injection area. In particular, PRP applied to the clitoris and vagina gives very good results for patients suffering from sexual reluctance and painful sexual intercourse. With the increase in blood supply and sensitivity in the area where PRP is applied, it is seen that the neural stimulation in this area also increases.

How is The O-Shot be Done?

The patient is taken to the gynecological table, the areas where the procedure will be performed are slightly anesthetized with anesthesia. PRP prepared from the patient’s own blood is injected into all important points. It has been observed that PRP applied to these areas (G Spot, Clitoris and its surroundings, Inside the vagina, Lips, etc.) facilitates stimulation and accelerates orgasm in women. The process takes about 10 minutes and is repeated every 5-6 months.

Period after O-Shot: After the procedure, the patient can return to her daily life and there is no restriction in her social life, sometimes there may be slight bleeding, this is a normal situation. In very painful cases, painkillers can be taken. It is observed that women who undergo O-shot process increase sexual pleasure and orgasm after an average of 3 weeks. The transaction has no risk.

To Whom O-Shot Procedure Is Performed?

It can be applied to anyone except menstrual period and pregnancy. It is also an effective method for the treatment of dryness and urinary incontinence due to menopause, especially in the genital area. In addition, this procedure is an effective method for women with sexual arousal, sexual reluctance, orgasm problems.

Is O-Shot Procedure Performed Together with Other Genital Aesthetic Procedures?

It can be performed in the same session with the O-Shot procedure, especially with the laser used for vaginal tightening and other genital aesthetic operations.