Genital Whitening

What is Genital Whitening?

Today, with the development of genital aesthetics, genital area bleaching is one of the most popular procedures. Especially with the development of laser technology, patient satisfaction has increased after laser procedures applied to the genital area. Genital area bleaching is the name given to all treatments to remove the darkness of the genital area that darkens and turns brown over time.

Although the darkness in the genital area does not generally indicate any health problems, this situation causes severe lack of self-confidence, unhappiness, inability to concentrate, and an unhappy mood in patients. Vaginal bleaching operations generally aim to destroy the melanocyte cells, which are located in the dermis layer of the skin and produce the melanin pigment that causes browning, thus genital bleaching and whitening are aimed. Many women who experience color changes in the genital area perceive this as a source of stress in their sexual life, and this leads to a decrease in the quality of their sexual life. It is possible to get satisfactory results with laser in the solution of this problem that affects the quality of life in these women.

Why Does The Genital Area Darken?

The genital area may darken over time depending on age and hormonal changes. The main factor here is the density of the estrogen hormone. Because the estrogen hormone causes darkening in the genital area with the help of sunlight, activates the cells (melanoside) and causes the secretion of melani pigment in these cells, which causes darkening in the genital area. At the same time, pregnancy and birth control pills that increase the estrogen hormone level also increase the estrogen hormone level. increases darkening. Besides these:

  • Aging
  • Pregnancy
  • Frequent infections
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Sport activities
  • Waxing and using a razor
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Secretion of the hormone menatoin, which gives color to the skin in excess
  • Some skin diseases
  • Hygienic and infection problems etc.

May cause darkening of color.

How is Color Lightening Being Made with Carbon Dioxide Laser?

Before starting the genital bleaching process, that area is shaved, cleaned with batikon and dried, then the darkened area is drawn with a pencil and the process is started. The average treatment time with laser is 2-3 sessions and each session takes 10-15 minutes on average. The use of local anesthetic cream before the procedure seriously reduces the feeling of pain. The need for sedation anesthesia is rarely required in some patients.ü

The basic mechanism in the process of lightening the color with carbon dioxide lasers; thanks to the laser light applied during the procedure, the upper ‘epidermis’ layer of the skin is peeled off and a more pinkish and brighter skin part emerges from the lower one. In other words, a kind of ‘peeling’ (peeling the skin) takes place. Thus, the genital area can be bleached and whitened.

There is a one-month waiting period for the effect to be seen more clearly. The procedure is painless. The person can return to work immediately after the whitening procedure.


What are the Color Lightening Applications in the Genital Area Apart from Laser?

In some patients, apart from laser, bleaching solutions, mesotherapy applications, and PRP are treatments help lighten the color. In our clinic, we often combine these additional procedures for the patients we have laser treated.

To Whom Is Genital Color Lightening Procedure Can Be Applied?

This application can be applied to anyone who has color problems in the genital area and is over the age of 18 and is not pregnant.

What Should Be Considered After The Laser Lightening?

After the whitening process, it is important to use the creams that our doctor will recommend and give. There may be slight fluid retention after the procedure, you should not worry about this. Solarium and sunbathing after the procedure is forbidden. The use of creams is sufficient. Swelling (edema), reddening and then temporary darkening may occur in the bleached area for a few days. Afterwards, the skin will peel off on its own and a more vibrant, light-colored, shiny skin texture will emerge from the bottom. The renewed skin tissue will be healthier, fuller and brighter.

Is Genital Laser Harmful?

No. The penetration of the laser light into the skin does not exceed a few millimeters. So there is no harm. There is absolutely no harm in infertility, menstrual irregularity or sexual desire.

Are There Any Risks of Genital Area Whitening with Laser?

There is no risk when applied by experienced physicians.


While performing genital whitening with laser, tightening can be done at the same time. However, when it is applied in high doses, there may be burns on the skin, it is necessary to be careful in this regard.

When Can I Start Sexual Life?

Tissue healing is usually completed within the first week. If there is no swelling, pain or blistering, you can get into sexual intercourse immediately after this period.

Are There Other Treatments, Creams for Genital Lightening?

Some creams for bleaching the genital area, and acid-containing solutions for chemical peeling are also tried by some centers. However, the effectiveness of such applications is not as effective as laser.

In bleaching procedures performed with laser in the genital area, inner lips, outer lips, vaginal entrance, anal area, anus area or the entire genital area can be whitened.

It is not recommended to wear tight clothing immediately after the genital bleaching procedure, so one should definitely wear comfortable and loose clothing.