Genital Aesthetics

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics is an increasing trend especially in recent years, and it is an aesthetic field that has been developing in the world, especially in the last 20 years. In our country, especially with the increase of experienced and knowledgeable doctors in the field of genital aesthetics, genital aesthetics constitutes a serious percentage of aesthetic operations for the last 10 years. Genital aesthetics covers a series of operations related to the genital area. In our country, when genital aesthetics is mentioned, vagina aesthetics is understood more.

Genital aesthetics include more than one surgical and non-surgical operation with both aesthetic and functional aspects. On the other hand, genital aesthetics is the name given to all operations performed for the rejuvenation and beautification of the female genital area. The difference of genital aesthetics from other operations is that it does not only have an aesthetic dimension, but also has functional, sexual, psychological, medical and hygienic dimensions, and these areas affect the comfort of life of the person.


In genital aesthetics, the main objective is to gain a beautiful appearance of the genital area and to increase the functional quality of life of the person. Genital aesthetic operations eliminate either congenital or subsequent anatomical disorders. Especially deformities lead to a serious lack of self-confidence in women. However, it causes negativities in sexual life, sexual reluctance, infection and anxiety. Surgical and non-surgical interventions make the woman feel more comfortable socially and gain self-confidence, while at the same time bring results such as the regulation of her sexual life.


Major Genital Aesthetic Operations: Labiaplasty (small lip aesthetics), vaginoplasty (vaginal narrowing), big lip aesthetics, kilotorohidoplasia, perinoplasty, vaginal whitening, fat injections, genital prp, G spot injection, laser applications…