G Shot (G Spot Enlargement)

This application is a frequently applied procedure in cosmetic gynecology in recent years. G-Shot injection is a modern application that increases self-confidence in women, facilitates sexual pleasure and stimulation, and improves libido. The procedure consists of making the point clear by injecting a filler (hyaloric acid, oil, etc.) into the anterior wall of the vagina, which is determined as the G spot. With this application, it is thought that that area becomes more sensitive and easily stimulated. This procedure is a minimally invasive method and it is aimed to increase sensitivity during intercourse and increase satisfaction with friction. This process also leads to an increase in the frequency and duration of orgasm in women. This procedure is a safe and painless procedure, takes 10 minutes in office conditions, is painless and painless. The most important success point in this procedure is to determine the G spot area, which differs in every woman.

What is G Spot?

There are some erogenous points on the body of women and men that enable sexual interaction. At the beginning of these regions in women is the region called “G spot (G spot)”. The G spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, approximately 1-2 cm ahead of the vaginal entrance and close to the urinary area. Capillaries are concentrated in this region. For this reason, it is predicted that it is one of the areas where pleasure intake is the most. For this reason, we can easily say that the G spot is the most sensitive area in the vagina.

The G spot was first found in the early 1950s by a gynecologist named Gräfenberg. Gräfenberg said that this point is an effective area for a woman’s sexual arousal, revealing that it is an important part of the female orgasm.

How to find the G spot?

Although the G spot is thought to be in an area on the anterior wall of the vagina, 2-3 cm behind the vaginal entrance, the G spot location is not a completely fixed area. Therefore, various methods have been developed to determine this point. But the main purpose is to determine the place in the female vagina where there is sexual stimulation, pleasure and orgasm. It is suggested that the easiest and simplest method to determine the location of the G spot is to make a come-and-go movement inside the vagina with the finger, and it can be felt as a filling and protruding area by increasing the blood supply in that area. Some women feel that area thick and sensitive, when the urine sensation occurs, it is easier to feel the G spot on examination. But today, the G-spot is considered to be a region where arousal and bleeding intensify and orgasm is triggered in women, rather than a point.

It will be more beneficial for you to act together with your partner, not alone, while finding your G-spot. Your partner should apply upward pressure from the inside of the vagina with his index and middle fingers, concentrate 2-3 cm above the anterior vaginal wall and continue to stimulate with rhythmic movements.

You may not find the G spot the first time, but don’t give up right away. Continue to guide your partner according to the pleasure you receive. Your reactions will accompany him to reach the G spot more easily.

When you reach orgasm with the G-spot, you will find that it is different from the clitoral orgasm. It is normal to experience contractions and urination sensations under your body physically. Later on, you will realize that you have a great pleasure.

How to augment the G spot?

G Spot Augmentation Process; It is a simple procedure to increase women’s sexual pleasure and to solve sexual problems in women. Although it is very important to detect the area during the operation, it may take approximately 10 minutes. G Spot Augmentation operation is performed by applying local anesthesia and patients do not feel any pain. Filling, hyaluronic acid or fat injection processes can be used in G Spot Augmentation Procedure. After the operation, the person who has the procedure can immediately return to her normal life.

Who Can Get G Shot Done, Why Is It Done?

The ideal woman for the G Shot procedure is women who have trouble reaching climax during intercourse. In short, it is to increase sexual pleasure, facilitate orgasm and provide a satisfying orgasm. This procedure is unsuccessful in women who have never experienced orgasm in their life.

Who Shouldn’t Get G Shot?

G Shot application should not be done in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy
  • Patients who have never experienced orgasm during their sexual life
  • Those with immune system disorders,
  • Those who have bleeding and coagulation problems,
  • Those who have infection in the application area.
  • Women with psychological distress
  • Women with advanced vaginal enlargement and deformity

Can G-Spot Augmentation Be Done Together with Other Genital Aesthetic Operations?

In general, G-spot augmentation can be performed together with vaginoplasty, labiaplasty or clitoris aesthetics. Since clitoris aesthetics and vaginal tightening have an effect on sexual pleasure, some patients prefer to have simultaneous procedures.

What is the Effect of G Spot Augmentation Operation?

The majority of the filling materials used in this operation are generally materials containing Hyaluronic Acid. Although these substances are metabolized spontaneously over time, they can be lost. This period in hyaluronic acid fillers varies between approximately 4-10 months.

How Long Does the G-Shot Effect Last?

G spot treatment is a process that is repeated at regular intervals. Depending on the filling material used, the effectiveness of the process continues for 4-9 months. In the end, this process is repeated by women because of the benefits it adds to women’s lives.